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What Is ERP Software?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software helps companies by streamlining operations and providing the reporting to effectively make smart business decisions within one real-time database. It can include accounting and finance, project accounting and management, CRM, distribution, warehouse management, manufacturing and field services.

Our ERP Services

Clients First are experts in implementing ERP with the goal of quickly providing solutions to the areas that have the biggest processing issues. This approach helps customers achieve a faster return on their investment. Clients First also provides any level of assistance you desire for your business culture and requirements. Our services include:

Requirements Analysis to evaluate business needs and to provide assistance with current or future ERP.
Implementation methodology based on client's requirements, resources and involvement in the project.
Technical mentoring to equip teams with essential knowledge and self sufficiency if desired.
Support and upgrades for post go-live or clients seeking new partner relationships.

Industries That Benefit From ERP Solutions

Nearly any business can benefit from an ERP solution. This type of system helps departments communicate effectively with one another, drawing on a single set of data that's free from duplications. ERP solutions can streamline daily activities for companies in:

Job Shops

Reduce estimating errors and improve job profitability and accuracy with inventory, labor costs, and overhead available at your sales fingertips.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Reduce quoting and job errors by using editable templates that include standardizing material, labor, expenses needed for repairs, overhaul, etc.


Reduce overhead and improve productivity with one ERP for all your lines of business and processes; Manufacturing (discrete, process, make to order or make to stock) Distribution and Customer Service.

Professional and Field Services

Enhance field productivity with easy-to-use mobile applications so techs can review appointment schedules, enter time and expenses, add task notes, attachments, customer signatures and even images of work to be done and completed.

Wholesale Distribution

Utilize one real-time ERP solution for CRM to Shipping, no duplicate sales order or purchase order entry.


The CFBS (Clients First) team has been outstanding from the beginning. We originally reached out to CFBS for a comparative quote, but they were so impressive we ended choosing them as our partner. Partner is the best word to describe their style. They jumped in, learned our business and helped us implement a solution that works for our business. We just completed our first month in Acumatica after using GP for nearly 20 years and I am pleased to say it’s going great.

Hilary E.

Business Operations Manager - Elder Flag Manufacturing

Why You Need ERP Software

ERP software and the right implementation partner solutions help standardize business processes and improve productivity for smoother, more efficient operations. An ERP system combines client communications, finance, sales, production, inventory, and service statuses in one database which gives end users the ability to respond fast to clients, inventory issues, etc., with one version of the truth.

Working with Clients First, companies can start taking advantage of powerful ERP solutions sooner than they may have expected. Clients First helps companies find the right ERP solution for their specific industry and business requirements. Clients First Industry focus on specific areas such as Manufacturing, Job Shops, MROs, and Services companies. We can offer out of the box functionality or we can customize ERP to perfectly meet clients needs both now and for the future.

Recommended ERP Options for Our Clients:

  • Acumatica Cloud ERP: Unlimited system user licensing and highly customizable makes Acumatica a solution to vet for any small to mid-sized manufacturer, distributor, services, construction and/or maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) business.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: The newest version of Dynamics NAV that is one of the highest used ERP solutions globally. Microsoft productivity tools increase user adoption and are familiar to end-users.. Suited for most lines of business but should be a great fit for the Finance and Distribution industries.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Operations: Designed for the larger enterprise companies that can include global businesses and multiple lines of business. Core functionality does not have to be developed like competitors solutions.
  • ProMRO:Specifically designed for the aviation and equipment MRO. Embedded within Acumatica and Dynamics 365, companies can utilize a complete ERP including finance, sales, operations, inventory controls, and more, within one real-time database.

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